Through supervised play in a planned, stimulating environment, children rapidly acquire a foundation of basic skills and capacities during the first two years as motor skills develop and early language begins. Toys and materials are selected to help the development of gross and fine motor skills. In a secure environment, children begin to explore their independence and start developing the beginnings of emotional and social stages.

We focus on:

  • Interactive circle time, play, music and dance
  • Age-appropriate toys and activities to keep toddlers on the move
  • Initializing in self-help skills such as washing hands, picking up the toys after play and sharing
  • Daily outdoor time to encourage social engagement and plenty of fresh air and sunshine

Discoverers Pandas 1 Year Old

Explorers Pandas 2 Years Old

In this stage we begin to introduce more routine and structure to children’s activities and daily schedule. The children enjoy building vocabulary, learning functional numerical skills, using simple reasoning to explain everyday occurrences.

Children build vocabulary by discussing stories being read and begin to understand simple directions for development their language and literacy.

The Creative Expression is developed playing toy instruments, create multi-sensory art, and engage in pretend play. Additional, the children explore animals and learn Spanish vocabulary for colors, shapes, numbers and greetings.

Doers Pandas 3 Years Olds

For our 3 years old children, we focus in the teaching reading, writing and basic math skills of an agreement Our curriculum (creative curriculum for preschool). Children learn the relationships between letters and sounds, sight words and use of skills critical to language development and literacy thought.

In a secure environment, they learn to express feelings verbally and act appropriately. Character education is introduced by its progress in social and emotional area.

For your wellbeing, children practice jumping rope, used a hula hoop and throwing balls, at the same time run and enjoy outdoors in our playground. In addition, children begin their digital interactions using computers and writing differents words on the keyboard, exploring the changes in technology over time.

VPK (Voluntary Pre Kindergarten) is that all-important year before Kindergarten. The Florida VPK Program gives children a chance to learn, get excited about school, and become better students. The program operates from August to June and helps smooth the transition to Kindergarten through formal instruction with lots of fun learning activities, aimed to challenge and prepare children for success in elementary school. Focuses on reading, math, and language development. This program helps to child reach his or her greatest potential in all areas including beginning reading and writing skills, math and science concepts, large and small muscle skills, and social and emotional development. We utilize the "The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool" that help your child grow academically and socially.

This program I free and there are a limited number of slots available..

VPK Program Benefits:

  • VPK Program prepares children to be ready for school. Children develop better language skills, score higher in school-readiness tests and have better social skills and fewer behavioral problems once they enter school.


  • They are also better prepared for Kindergarten, especially in the areas of pre-reading, pre-math and social skills.


  • The most important growth and development in the brain happens by the age of five


  • The early years are the learning years. A child’s ability to be attentive and to follow directions emerges in the early years. Structured early learning fosters these abilities for later success in school and in life.


  • VPK Program promotes a love of learning in children.

MVPK (Free) 4 Years Old

For our big children we offer a variety of after school activities, like that karate, dance, PE, computers, spanish class, art craft and playground. Transportation is available from the local elementary schools and we provide a nutritious snack for their healthy development

After School 5 - 12 Years Old

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